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Re: xset fp rehash is not run after installing X fonts ?

Shaul Karl <shaulk@israsrv.net.il> writes:

> According to xset man,
>  fp rehash
>         The rehash argument resets the font  path  to  its
>         current  value,  causing  the server to reread the
>         font databases in the current font path.  This  is
>         generally  only  used  when  adding new fonts to a
>         font directory (after running mkfontdir to  recre-
>         ate the font database).
> Yet neither xfonts-intl-european postinst nor update-fonts-alias
> seems to do it.
> Am I missing something or is it a bug ?

It's a little funny, since it should be done for each xserver that's
using that font dir. With font servers, remote X sessions, multiple X
servers on different VCs, and whatnot, it's not clear what to do
exactly... it does seem like if $DISPLAY is set, running xset fp
rehash is unlikely to cause problems, and that's probably a good test
of whether someone is upgrading X when it's not running.

It's pretty minor, since the fonts are rehashed whenever the X server
is restarted (and probably when xdm and friends reset it). I haven't
messed with the font server enough to know its behavior, but I know HP
Xterminalss (e.g. 700RX) can get their fonts via NFS, and I can't
think of a way of determining that one of them is looking at the
debian font dirs, and getting permission and whatnot to rehash the

Maybe it would also be good to print a message like "for X displays
other than $DISPLAY it will be necessary to run 'xset fp rehash' or to
restart X to use the new fonts."


				- M

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