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Bug#991147: www.debian.org: typo in News/2021/20210619.wml (DMs instead of DDs)

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: minor

Dear Maintainers,

Page News/2021/20210619.wml, as of commit
2cb38f6ccb556cd943a6b281b6667e07cc0dcbb1, states in line 73:

    "[...] make <q>dcut dm</q> work for non-uploading DMs; [...]"

I think that, instead of "DMs", it should read "DDs", according to

    "[ nicoo ]
     * Make `dcut dm` also accept non-uploading DDs, since they are nowadays
       treated the same as DMs when concerning upload permissions.
       Closes: #985618; MR: !16"



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