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Re: consultants web page and email alias


Giuseppe Sacco <eppesuig@debian.org> wrote (Mon, 28 Jun 2021 22:08:47 +0200):
> Hello Holger,
> I receive all emails sent to consultants@debian.org since 2009, but I stopped
> updating the consultants page since at least 7 years.
> Now, I would like to start again contributing on the web site, and the
> consultants page might be a place where to start, if you agree and if you want
> to share this work.

I would be happy to share this work!
I have just worked up all the pending requests from the last months, so the
backlog is now clean so far; that should be a good status to start for 
collaborative maintenance.

Feel free to act on incoming requests.
I usually had some delay in the past (up to some months) before processing
such requests ...

> I also need to change my email address in the consultants@d.o alias but I
> cannot remember which file I should change, probably some file on
> master.debian.org. Could you please tell me which one it is?

Already changed to eppesuig@debian.org (as already mentioned in another mail)


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