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webwml repository structure

Dear all,

I wanted to implement a minor improvement to user experience to the website and upon inspection of the repository I have found no "common" code that would represent the website structure. Specifically, I wanted to add a "Releases" link to the menu bar that directly takes you to the respective page. Further, I wanted to emphasize where to actually download a particular release. I had serious troubles finding the downloads (it's my first time trying out Debian!). However, it looks like I would have to adapt every language to include another item in the title bar instead of adapting a template once and then making it up to the translators to fill in a missing translation, otherwise just falling back to English.

Could you guys give me some pointers on how you would go about implementing this? And also, feel free to speak up if you even want this (subjectively considered to be an) improvement or if you have suggestions for alternative approaches, like linking the "Releases"-page underneath the download button on the main page.

Best Regards

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