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Re: Link not aviable for instal on my old machine.


在 2021-04-07星期三的 16:02 -0400,Claudio Guendelman写道:
> Hi  i    need to install  Linux on  a  old  Imac g3 
> the onli  information  is  on 
> https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/powerpc/install
> but  is not abiable ..  Can  you  help   to  get  the  content  of 
> that page... 
> In all internet  is  not much available to   do a correct  instal 
> thanks  soo mucus  and  hugs from Chile
> Claudio . 

Powerpc is no longer an officially-supported architecture since Debian
9. As a result, this page was removed accordingly .I don't know where
did you see the URL of
https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/powerpc/install , but this has
disappeared for many years and any documents that mention this link
are certainly severely outdated.

Though no longer an officially-supported release architecture, powerpc
continue to be one of Debian's ports architecture. You may find
related information at https://www.debian.org/ports/powerpc/ .

If you _really_ need to read the old webpage of
https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/powerpc/install , you may try
using the archived webpage from Internet Archive wayback machine, such
. However, these information are likely to be really outdated -- you
have been warned.

Boyuan Yang

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