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Bug#986548: wiki.debian.org: https://raspi.debian.net/daily/ should list available files

Package: wiki.debian.org
Severity: wishlist
Tags: a11y, patch

Visiting https://raspi.debian.net/daily/ should provide a list of
files available for download.  Currently it shows "YOU GOT TO THE
WRONG PLACE.  Go here instead.", /here/ being

A list of files available would be more useful because:

  * we can see what files are available

  * we can determine what size our desired download will be


  * Debian is an open project and has no need to hide information

  * Users installing Debian are unlikely to visit this page by
    accident, they will have come here to ascertain the information

  * making this change is likely as simple as deleting the index.html
    file in the webserver directory that corresponds to
    https://raspi.debian.net/daily/, so it's a very simple fix.

How I got to https://raspi.debian.net/daily/:

  * visited https://wiki.debian.org/RaspberryPiImages

  * looked at the instructions and wanted to know what size the
    download would be

  * manually calculated the address where the files were kept from the

  * entered that address into my browser

  * was greeted with a less-than-helpful error message

To fix:

  * delete the index.html file in the webserver directory that
    corresponds to https://raspi.debian.net/daily/

-- Paul.

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