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Reminder: Participate in Google AdSense User Research (March 23rd - March 24th, Remote via Zoom)

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Hello again from Google!

We’d still love to hear your thoughts on Google AdSense!

In this study, we are looking for website publishers who are eligible for Google AdSense, but not currently signed up for the product. This feedback will be used to make future enhancements to the publishers experience. If this doesn’t sound like you, please feel free to forward to your team's publisher.

If you're selected to participate, Engage in Depth will be in touch directly to discuss details and set your appointment time. Please note that receiving this email and/or taking the survey do not guarantee that you will be selected to participate and/or receive a Thank You Gift.

If you're interested in participating, kindly fill out this form.

Feel free to email us with any questions you might have about our study.


Why am I being contacted?
You were contacted because you have a website.

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