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Re: [debwww cron] often failed (at parts/7doc: python3)

Hi Holger

El 15/3/21 a las 16:07, Holger Wansing escribió:
> Hi Laura,
> FYI: I noticed that the often cron script failed, due to the python-policy
> document. 

Oh, I've been afk for some time and received the mails but didn't look
too much to their contents :/

> They have moved the doc to -dev package and converted to Sphinx.
> I have fixed the scripts to deal with this (fingers crossed).

Thank you very much!

> If you like, you could add my mail address for those cron scripts, to make
> more people getting notice of such errors...
The addresses receiving debwww cron mails are setup in the
"webwml-monitor:" entry in /srv/www.debian.org/mail/aliases file in
www-master machine (currently wolkenstein.debian.org). I have added your
mail address there.

I still couldn't work on bug #911896 (Review, update and document the
mail setup of www.debian.org-related addresses), not sure about the
better place to put such info, maybe in a wiki page?

Thanks again!
Laura Arjona Reina

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