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Bug#983178: Created a merge request fixing this issue

Hello Marcin
thank you very much for working on this!

I have had a look at the merge request in salsa, but couldn't test the script myself (yet).

For what I understood (please correct me if I am wrong), the output is filtered when composing the mail, so for languages having only the same validation issues than English, translators would get a mail anyway, just with almost empty content.

I wonder if it's maybe better to filter and rewrite the log files, so the languages having derived from English issues don't receive mail (at least until English is fixed), or better to just add a sentence like "you may have additional validation issues that need to be fixed in the corresponding English file(s), too." to the mail.

Kind regards,

El 4 de marzo de 2021 22:24:11 CET, Marcin Owsiany <porridge@debian.org> escribió:
>I created https://salsa.debian.org/webmaster-team/cron/-/merge_requests/6
>which fixes this issue.
>It would be great if someone could review and/or merge.

Laura Arjona Reina
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