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Re: Hebrew text formatting in the wiki.

Hi Aggam!

On Tue, 17 Nov 2020 16:47:15 +0200
Aggam Rahamim <agamclass@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello! I am attempting to translate the Debian wiki (or some of it) to 
> Hebrew but this is very hard because of the formatting in direction of 
> text, which is mostly  a problem when using english and Hebrew in in 
> the same sentence.
> The same problem will appear in Arabic, so if someone had got over it, 
> I would like to know how, or at least who should I contact to know how. 
> thx!

I think the Debian wiki uses MoinMoin as its
engine and this page may help you: https://moinmo.in/HebrewSupport (also see
the links).

Otherwise, thanks for trying to help. I am a Hebrew speaker as well (and a .il
resident) but I admit that I'm using English for most online writing and
reading. I've subscribed to debian-www as I am the current maintainer of
Website Meta Language ( https://github.com/thewml/website-meta-language ;
https://www.debian.org/devel/website/using_wml ;
https://packages.debian.org/source/sid/wml ) which is used to generate large
parts of the debian.org website/s.




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