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Bug#931225: Please make Classic style the default

Hi.  I filed this bug about 18 months ago.  Guillem wrote

> [changing the defualt] This feels a bit too drastic,

and proposed

> I assume a MR for the CSS as proposed in the referenced bug might
> help move this, but I notice the theming is not included in the git
> repo at <https://salsa.debian.org/debian/wiki.debian.org>, and
> there's a MR about that already too, which would need to be solved
> first
> <https://salsa.debian.org/debian/wiki.debian.org/merge_requests/2>. :)

Thanks to Guillem for these illuminating comments.

Unfortunately, evidently no-one in the past year and a half has had
the effort and attention to fix our custom theme.  Working on the
custom theme is not a thing that I have the effort or inclination to

If those who really dislike the Classic theme find it too ugly, then I
think it would be reasonable to expect those people to maintain that
theme.  That includes fixing serious defects in a reasonable time.

So I think the right decision would be to change the default theme to
Classic, until the bugs in the custom theme are fixed.

As I say, the formatting bugs in the current theme are very severe.


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