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Bug#968862: remove people.*.html now?

Hi Laura,

you've wrote

> ## This page is redirected to by qa.d.o/developer.php?all=1
> I have no idea if the page is linked in other places and/or the info is
> valuable for the QA team or others.

We got no feedback since two months and
I cannot find how qa.d.o/developer.php?all=1 is generated on the page
qa.d.o/developer.php. We also have very few accesses to the people
pages (about 50) in the logs. I think the page people.html is not used.
IMO we can remove the people list on www.d.o. If you're OK with this,
I will do it.

I also wonder why the people.*.html file were generated in september.
regards Thomas

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