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Re: Why replacement character occur ?


在 2020-10-18星期日的 18:45 +0200,Jean-Pierre Giraud写道:
> Hi Sebul,
> Le 18/10/2020 à 15:09, sebul a écrit :
> > Hello.
> > https://www.debian.org/social_contract.ko.html 
> > shows replacement characters.
> > For example
> >  데비안 자� 소프트웨어 지침에
> > But when I see social_contract.wml I can't find replacement
> > charcter �
> > 
> > Why replacement character occur? How can fix it ?
> > 
> > --
> > https://sebuls.blogspot.kr
> Sorry, I don't answer your last question.
> In French, there were around 3360 occurences of this problem... And I
> began to fix them, moving the "à" to the begninning of the next line.
> I think it's a problem linked to the parsing of the caracter ("à")
> followed by the new line character "\n" during the translation from
> .po
> format to .html format.

Avoiding special characters before newline doesn't solve the
fundamental problem. It will just hide the problem and make future
contribution more unpredictable.

We have seen similar problems before (https://bugs.debian.org/959474).
This comes down as a bug of Unicode handling between Perl and WML. I
guess we also need to triage and find the root cause this time.

BOyuan Yang

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