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Re: Who's Using Debian - Link Farming and other questions

On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 10:16 PM Ryan Nowakowski wrote:

> I occasionally help out with the "Who's Using Debian" section of the
> website.  I've noticed a couple of things about recent submissions.
> 1. The submissions are in English but the sites themselves are not.  Do
>    these belong in the english section of the site?

I think it is useful to demonstrate that Debian has a diverse
world-wide audience, even to English speakers. Where sites are
multilingual we could link to the English version of the site and
encourage translators to change the links to the version for their
language. For sites without any translations, we could note in the
text the language used on the site. Both of these are liable to get
out of date though.

> 2. Many of the submissions are from online marketing agencies.  I have
>    worked in that industry and have a sneaking suspicion that they're
>    simply using the Debian site as a link farm[1] to drive traffic.
>    What do we think about this?  It doesn't look like there's any guidance
>    about this in the submission instructions[2].

Some ideas:

Use the link annotation attributes (nofollow/etc) that nullify the use
of the links as a link farm.

We could verify via HTTP headers that they actually use Debian on the
server(s) in question.

Require some sort of proof or statement on their website about their
use of Debian.



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