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Re: Package: sql-ledger (3.2.6-1)

Hi Dieter,

在 2020-09-07星期一的 11:50 -0600,Dieter Simader写道:
> "NOTE: This package does not benefit from serious security support and
> you should use it only in a trusted environment. It's known to be
> affected by multiple SQL injections and similar problems. See the
> README.Debian file for more information."
> SQL injections were dealt with in Aug 2011.
> http://sql-ledger.com/cgi-bin/nav.pl?page=misc/whatsnew.html&title=What
> %27s%20New
> search for "sql injection" to find the entry.

You just reached the mailing list of Debian WWW Team. The WWW Team is in
charge of maintaining Debian's websites but does not handle the file contents
of a specific package as well as README.Debian provided within the package.

According to https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/sql-ledger , the package sql-
ledger is maintained by Robert James Clay. Please contact this package
maintainer to update the information about this package as well as providing
an updated version in Debian. After the contents of the package is updated,
you will be able to find the updated description either in Debian system and
online websites.

I have sent this email copy to the original maintainer and you may directly
get into contact. Another option would be file a bug report against this
package and you may find the detail at https://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting .

Thanks and let me know if you have further questions.

Boyuan Yang

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