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Bug#969553: urlcheck.py script tries to parse compressed GIMP image files

Package: www.debian.org
User: www.debian.org@packages.debian.org
Usertag: scripts
Severity: normal


the scripts "urlcheck" generate this log in the /logos folder:

Looking into http://www.debian.org/logos/openlogo.xcf.gz
  Error reading page: http://www.debian.org/logos/openlogo.xcf.gz
Looking into http://www.debian.org/logos/officiallogo.xcf.gz
  Error reading page: http://www.debian.org/logos/officiallogo.xcf.gz
Looking into http://www.debian.org/logos/officiallogo-nd.xcf.gz
  Error reading page: http://www.debian.org/logos/officiallogo-nd.xcf.gz

I guess this means it tries to parse the xcf.gz files and probably we
need to update the script to skip such files (compressed images).

Anybody familiarised with Python, who can help?

The code of the script is here:


(I guess the main script, urlcheck.py, is where maybe the fix should be

The script is called by 3 cron jobs:

17  3 * * *     cd /srv/www.debian.org/cron/urlcheck && ./run.urlcheck
36 12 * * *     cd /srv/www.debian.org/cron/urlcheck &&
5  13 * * *     cd /srv/www.debian.org/cron/urlcheck && ./cleanup.logs

and the daily logs are here:
(check logos folder).

Kind regards
Laura Arjona Reina

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