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Bug#968486: FTBFS turkish folder in Debian 10 buster in www-master: locale or UTF-8 or wml or perl issue

Hi all,

Thanks Holger for trying.
I guess it must be another package.

As per https://www.debian.org/devel/website/translating, it seems that
this variable is only needed for correctly sort stuff in the
corresponding language, so, for now (until we find the fix), I have
removed the ""-D CUR_LOCALE=tr_TR.UTF-8" line in /turkish/.wmlrc so the
build at least starts. This has been made in commit

Note that in former message I quoted perl documentation that mentions
that the Turkic locales are correctly handled in Perl 5.30, but we have
5.28.1 in buster.

I have checked 5.28.1 documentation and the relevant paragraphs are:

"Locale '%s' contains (at least) the following characters which have
unexpected meanings: %s The Perl program will use the expected meanings

(W locale) You are using the named UTF-8 locale. UTF-8 locales are
expected to have very particular behavior, which most do. This message
arises when perl found some departures from the expectations, and is
notifying you that the expected behavior overrides these differences. In
some cases the differences are caused by the locale definition being
defective, but the most common causes of this warning are when there are
ambiguities and conflicts in following the Standard, and the locale has
chosen an approach that differs from Perl's.

One of these is because that, contrary to the claims, Unicode is not
completely locale insensitive. Turkish and some related languages have
two types of "I" characters. One is dotted in both upper- and lowercase,
and the other is dotless in both cases. Unicode allows a locale to use
either the Turkish rules, or the rules used in all other instances,
where there is only one type of "I" , which is dotless in the uppercase,
and dotted in the lower. The perl core does not (yet) handle the Turkish
case, and this message warns you of that. Instead, the Unicode::Casing
module allows you to mostly implement the Turkish casing rules."

Maybe the fix is installing libunicode-utf8-perl package?

Kind regards,
Laura Arjona Reina

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