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Bug#960835: Debian Jessie site lists only 4 archs as supported -- patch for stretch

Hi Holger

El 21/7/20 a las 9:23, Holger Wansing escribió:
> Hi,
> now that Stretch is under LTS (but there are no different point-release
> version-numbers for lts-archs and non-lts-archs), I have applied the part
> of the patch, needed to display both sets of supported archs (lts archs
> and initially-releases archs) on the release page
> (also already done for Jessie).
> And:
> To bring all this to an end, I will (if noone objects) apply the rest of the
> patch as well (but commented-out), and do the same for Buster and Bullseye
> as well. That way, the mechanism would be in place for all releases, to have 
> different point-release version-numbers during LTS period (as it is for jessie).

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,
Laura Arjona Reina

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