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Re: Why are we blocking some addresses any access to the wiki?


On 29/04/2020 15:17, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>>> No one disagrees so I will contact the upstream developers on github
>>> to know if they are interested by such feature. If so, I will try to
>>> implement it.

The main developer is not convinced by the idea:

> We already have a small set of patches applied to upstream 1.9
> for the Debian package that we're also using for wiki.d.o.

I doubt it's interesting to maintain such patch for Debian only.

We could modify the content displayed when the user gets
a 403 error. It does not fix the problem but the user will get an
I hope it would be a better experience for the user and less requests on

In Moin v.1.9, the 'description' attribute of the 'Forbidden' class
seems to be right place:

What do you think about this workaround?


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