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Bug#959474: Issues with Chinese language (all variants) when building some pages in buster


found the culprit quicker than expected. I'm though no more sure if
it's really a WML issue or if sits even deeper:

Axel Beckert wrote:
> → echo 包 | /usr/share/wml/exec/wml_p8_htmlstrip -O 1
> 包
> → echo 包 | /usr/share/wml/exec/wml_p8_htmlstrip -O 2
> �

Level 2 actually only consists of these two regular expressions being

* s|(\S+)[ \t]{2,}|$1 |sg
* s|\s+\n|\n|sg

It's the latter one (a really simple regexp) which causes the
breakage. But not always. It depends on which Perl version
compatibility level is used:

→ echo 包 | perl -pe 's|\s+\n|\n|sg;'
→ echo 包 | perl -pE 's|\s+\n|\n|sg;'

"-E' instead of "-e" means "use the most recent Perl version feature
set", for this bug it is equivalent to "use 5.014;" as that's what is
used in htmlstrip.

From some point of view, we're lucky, because the feature set of Perl
5.14 wasn't that big: "say state switch unicode_strings".

It's obvious that neither say, state nor switch are causing this. So
it seems as if "use feature unicode_strings" is the culprit. Proof:

→ echo 包 | perl -pe 's|\s+\n|\n|sg;'
→ echo 包 | perl -M"feature unicode_strings" -pe 's|\s+\n|\n|sg;'

Which kinda sounds like a Perl bug. Cc'ing the maintainers of Debian's
perl package (not the whole Debian Perl Team), maybe they have some
insight what actually goes wrong here and if that's indeed a Perl bug.

I'm leaving #959761 open in wml as I now have an idea how to fix this
there (adding "no feature unicode_strings" to htmlstrip in the hope
that this doesn't do any collateral damage):

→ echo 包 | perl -pE 'no feature unicode_strings; s|\s+\n|\n|sg;'

		Regards, Axel
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