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Re: packages.debian.org: outdated suite names?

On Fri, May 1, 2020 at 9:23 PM Holger Wansing wrote:

> However, there has been no update after releasing Buster.
> Are such changings no longer required?
> (I wonder, why no wrong suitenames can be seen at packages.debian.org...)

I expect they are required by something, to find out you could delete
them or trace the variable usage.

TBH all of the hard-coding of release version numbers, suites,
codenames, components and architectures in various Debian services
needs to be removed and replaced with loading from the canonical
locations. That is a *lot* more work than just bumping the releases
again and again though. Personally I've given up on trying to fix the
hard-coding situation, which is incompletely summarised here:




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