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Re: [Bug#924146] www.debian.org: possible leftover: norwegian/Bugs/pseudo-packages.inc

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> wrote:
> Tracking down another issue, I've spotted that one particular language has an 
> inc file that appears to be an older copy of a inc file that's otherwise 
> only in the english/ directory:
>     norwegian/Bugs/pseudo-packages.inc
> As the following file correctly references (includes) the file under
> english/ instead of the one under norwegian/ (which is what is done for
> other languages as well), it might be safe to simply delete it? I didn't
> double check that though.

I checked that, the file in norwegian/Bugs is not used at all, so removed
and bug closed.


Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org>
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