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Re: Fwd: "A Brief History of Debian: Chapter 2 - Leadership" online page needs some update


Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org> wrote:
> Yes, unfortunately this is one of the consequences of the bug #922222:
> we need to adapt the cron script that generate the manuals, so they work
> with the repos in salsa (they are failing since the migration alioth ->
> salsa).
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=922222
> I guess that until now, nobody could find the time/energy to fix this,
> so any help is welcome.

I read your proposal in #922222 to deal with this situation.
However, I wonder if we shouldn't switch to the solution, that's used for
other documentation in cron/parts/7doc (means: grap the documentation files
from the latest uploaded package version from the archive, instead of from 
VCS repo).

I realize there might be a reason for using a different system here, but as
manpower is an issue everytime here, my argument would be: make the system
easier (use the same system everywhere) instead of maintaining different

Of course, this would lead to more packaging work for the relevant doc packages
(for debian-history: we would need to do at least one upload per year, to get
the new leader documented on the website).
But looking at Laura's proposal, we are talking only about a very little number
of packages (if we leave out the /attic ones), so I think that could work.
I would volunteer for that upload work, if per-package upload rights were given
to me.

I have a tested patch for debian-history (against webmaster cron) ready and 
(Once this is up and running on www-master, there are also some changings 
needed in webwml though, but they are IMO uncritical.)

Any comments?


Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org>
PGP-Fingerprint: 496A C6E8 1442 4B34 8508  3529 59F1 87CA 156E B076
diff --git a/parts/1ftpfiles b/parts/1ftpfiles
index e7a958b..b169301 100755
--- a/parts/1ftpfiles
+++ b/parts/1ftpfiles
@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ wgetfiles aptitude aptitude-doc-*.deb
 wgetfiles kernel-handbook debian-kernel-handbook_*.deb
 wgetfiles debian-handbook debian-handbook_*.deb
 wgetfiles dbconfig-common dbconfig-common_*.deb
+wgetfiles debian-history debian-history_*.deb
 # Installation guide is taken from source package in lessoften-parts/1installation-guide
 wgetfiles installation-guide installation-guide_*
diff --git a/parts/7doc b/parts/7doc
index b1e91b5..8154a23 100755
--- a/parts/7doc
+++ b/parts/7doc
@@ -535,6 +535,14 @@ mvhtml dbapp-policy usr/share/doc/dbconfig-common/dbapp-policy.html NO en
 mvhtml dbconfig-common usr/share/doc/dbconfig-common NO en
 mvhtml dbconfig-common usr/share/doc/dbconfig-common/dbconfig-common.html NO en
+unpack debian-history
+mvhtml debian-history usr/share/doc/debian-history/docs YES en
+langlist=`file2lang project-history .pdf /usr/share/doc/debian-history/docs`
+for lang in $langlist ; do
+        mvdocs debian-history usr/share/doc/debian-history/docs YES $lang manuals/ project-history
+        mvhtml debian-history usr/share/doc/debian-history/docs YES $lang
 # Move broken code segment here for debug
 #echo "7doc start debug (at `date`)"

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