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Marking incompletely translated pages


Is there a way to mark translated pages as
"incomplete"(partially-translated) or (at least) "outdated"

I recently found that most of the Korean-translated security advisory
pages were incomplete. Most of those pages have only their titles, a
typical line of "We recommend that you upgrade..." and line of
"...refer to its security tracker page at" translated. Other
descriptive texts were not translated but the whole pages were
committed as "up-to-date" pages. For example:

It is not healthful way of translation but here I don't want to blame
the translator. I just want to show these incomplete pages as
incomplete in the translated pages and the translation statistics
page, not to hide them as up-to-date. Then other people could notice
that and do the unfinished job if they wish.

This is why I want to mark some translated pages as incomplete. I
skimmed english/template/debian/translation-check.wml template but I
couldn't find a way. If there's no such way, let's make one please.

Changwoo Ryu

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