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Fwd: webwml | Remove Search Link. It seems redundant. (6b1e1b84)

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보낸사람: sebul <sebuls@gmail.com>
Date: 2020년 3월 15일 (일) 오후 7:55
Subject: Re: webwml | Remove Search Link. It seems redundant. (6b1e1b84)
To: Debian Webmaster Team / webwml <gitlab+f2feaad1cbacd2951588bd09da7f7b6a@salsa.debian.org>

Bottom of https://www.debian.org/sitemap.en.html have a link to sitemap.
So I think the line
 <p><strong><linkto "$(SEARCH)"></strong></p>
of the file sitemap.wml is redundants.
Thank you.

2020년 3월 15일 (일) 오후 6:24, Carsten Schoenert <gitlab@salsa.debian.org>님이 작성:

Carsten Schoenert commented:

Hello Sebul,

the content isn't really removed, it's just commented out. Why? In about two week nobody still knows why this content is commented out and it will stay here forever. We use git and there is no need to keep this old stuff here, we can simply revert the commit if it turn out the commit wasn't correct. If you are unsure please try to discuss such an change on the mailing list first.

And again, a better topic in the commit message would help people a lot to see why this change was made. We have on some sites search forms, so prefixing your subject simply by "sitemap.wml:" would have made it obvious were the removal did happen.

The reason "It seems redundant." is part of the commit message, not of the topic.

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