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Re: Bug #944301: WIP: [new-homepage] add icons from font-fork-awesome (except security which is from material.io)

Hi Laura,

I like to share my thoughts on the new icons.

I acknowledge that Debian has a problem with the license of the old
icons and that we need new icons.
The new ones have thicker lines making them much darker. The old
ones have an outline design, so they do not have large areas of black.
Some of the new icons (like people, user support, why Debian) are not
easy to recognize what they should show. For e.g. the life ring was
not recognize by some people I asked about the new icons.

IMO I like the old ones more than the new icons.
I've look at the large list of icons provided by material.io and
font-fork-awesome but I didn't found icons I like more than the old
ones. I've also contacted some designers I've met at DebConf in brasil,
but they don't have time to help us.

So, at the moment we do not have any better option, than using the new
icons. Maybe some designer will help us in the future to improve these icons.

P.S.: I've fixed the bad alignment of the new icons. Now they are
nearer to the text, same as the old png icons.

regards Thomas

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