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Bug / feature request: Display debian.org in browser language

Hi there!

I’d like to suggest to change the current bahaviour how the debian.org website decides in which language it should be displayed.

Currently, it decides (I believe) according to the IP address, but I suggest it should check the browser settings.

Imagine this situation:

  1. a user (like me) sets everything to English (in my case to British English),
  2. but he is in a non-English speaking country (like in my case in Slovakia),
  3. so the website is always displayed in the language of that country (like in my case in Slovak).

By the way, why is the issue tracker disable (at least) for guest users at https://salsa.debian.org/webmaster-team/webwml? Don’t you use that issue tracker?

Thank you in advance for your answer(s).

Tukusej’s Sirs

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