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Re: new Debian homepage: request for review

Hi Laura,

thanks for your feedback.

>>>>> On Thu, 17 Oct 2019 19:54:48 +0200, Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org> said:

    > * Until we have the new 'Get debian' landing page in place, I think that
    > the "Download Debian" button should provide the same link as now (debian
    > stable current netinst amd64) and the same text info too (so people know
    > what they will download if they click).
I agree with the same link. Fixed. But the same text info is not
needed, since all info is available if you move the mouse over the
link. Then the link will be displayed in all browsers.

    > About the aspect, I don't like that the text is overlapped on the Debian
    > logo.
I've made a small change in the new-homepage branch, that moves the
link more down and makes is smaller.

    > 3. Footnotes
    > Currently all the subpages in www.debian.org have the following footnote

    > We need to include the language selector in the new homepage, why
    > debian, and "more" subpages.
Yes, I guess the language selector will appear if there are
translations available.

    > The "Why Debian" subpage I think it should include the traditional menu,
    > too.
I disagree. The goal of the new startpage and my work during the last
time is to do a major cleanup. We want to have less but better
content. Adding this old menu with a large number of links is not
necessary on every subpage. My goal is to remove this menu in the
future from all subpages.

    > 4. Header

    > I like a simple header with Blog, Micronews, Planet but:
    > * I would add at the beginning an "About Debian" item
    > * Maybe I would add a link at the end to the Debian Wiki.
    > So it would be: About Debian, Blog, Micronews, Planet, Wiki
    > If 5 items are too much, I would omit the Wiki.
IMO "About Debian" is not needed sine we already have this on the
startpage. We selected the items for the startpage, which we think are
important for our users. About Debian is the link under the item People.

    > The "alt" text of Planet shows "The Planet of Debian" and I think that's
    > not informative, I would use "Blog aggregator" or "Blogs of Debian
    > contributors" instead.
Agreed. Already fixed.

    > 5. Why Debian subpage

    > I like the new rewriting, overall. The subsection "What our users say" I
    > think it's a good idea, but only printing there some quote with
    > referring who is saying, looks like we are writing about ourselves.
The sentences are clearly marked as quotes and the titles also makes
it clear that we do not write about ourselves.
I think naming the origin of the quotes is not needed for short
statements and I like to keep things simple.

    > Maybe take the words from the /users section, and add a link. "Learn
    > more about who uses Debian" with a link to the /users section?
The sentence "This is our main promise to our users" already has a link to /users.

    > About the actual quotes to include, I would use, for now, these ones
    > (taken from the last "Who uses Debian" submissions):
Your examples are too long IMO. I prefer the current concise statements.

    > 6. "More" subpage

    > In both sections of this page, I can see a "gap" between the first 3
    > items and the rest of the items. Is this intentional? If yes, we may add
    > a sentence between the two groups, or a line instead, because that blank
    > gap looks confusing (wrong layout? something missing?) at least to me.
The first three items are repeated items from the startpage, then
follow additonal items. Any idea to make this clearer?

regards Thomas

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