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Access to wiki.debian.org thru a VPN

Dear Team,

I'm using a VPN router, with the service provided by PIA (Private Internet Access)
I realized that since I'm using this VPN access, I can't access anymore to wiki.debian.org, which I use to consult very often, since I'm trying to learn linux with a Debian OS.

I've contacted PIA to request them to fix the access on wiki.debian.org, but they forward me to you, saying that some sites are blocking access to their content from the IP ranges used by PIA Provider.

Therefore I wanted to ask you if you would kindly accept to stop blocking access to your website for users of PIA ?

Indeed, it's very frustrating for me since only your site is blocked from the websites I use to browse, and since I'm trying hard to learn Linux, I each time postpone my learning as I often need to consult your wiki to try understand how some commands work, but I fail to do so since the wiki.debian.org show me a message saying "this access is forbidden".

In waiting for your feedback, and hoping my request will be considered, I do thank you in advance for your understanding and your help.

Kind regards,

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