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Re: new Debian homepage: request for review

Hi Cyrille,

thanks for your feedback.

    > - The already reported issue with serifs on session titles making them look old-fashioned;
I also realized that we mix fonts with and without serifs. I tought
this mix was almost never used in desgin, but it's not. It's fine to
mix them. But you are right it looks a little bit old-fashioned.
Since we are not designers, we are happy to get some input how to fix
this, without a major redesign of the page.

> - I confirm that hovering the icons makes things shaking a bit. But, I don't find it very disturbing (ie: that's not something I would love spending lot of time fixing).
When hovering the title I find the rescale of font a little bit too disturbing.

> - Yes, I find calendar icons also way too big;
I've already made them smaller, but also find them still too large.
Scaling them down should be doable with major work.

> - The "download Debian" box over the Debian logo hides it almost
> entirely (screenshot attached)
I've tried to change the font smaller dependig on the witdh of the
sreen using 1.7vw instead of 2.3em. This works, so the logo is not
hidden that much using a narrow screen. But then the font is not
scaled any more if you type ctrl-/+ in your browser. It's a tradeoff
and I like to stay with the current solution.

regards Thomas

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