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Re: Bug#931548: Migration to Sphinx -- developers-reference

Hi Osamu

El 5/10/19 a las 19:42, Osamu Aoki escribió:
> Hi,
> Thanks but it seems further works are needed.

Yes, I hadn't more time to put on this, until now, sorry.

> On Fri, Oct 04, 2019 at 06:32:59PM +0200, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
>> Hello
>> After some tests, I've committed what I think it will publish at least
>> the English version (in different formats) of the new Sphinx based
>> developers-reference in the website, plus the formats different than
>> HTML for the languages:
>> Commits:
>> 052b5734 by Laura Arjona Reina at 2019-10-04T16:23:20Z
>> developers-reference now uses nginx. Update the commands to publish. Not
>> sure how to deal with languages, I guess it still needs work
> I have my browser set to use Japanese as default, I suppose.
> I get the new Japanese pages OK but no new English page. (I see old
> English pages.) Javascript desn't work either.

I've committed a change so the English files are built using the .en
extension, the same as the other languages:


diff --git a/parts/7doc b/parts/7doc
--- a/parts/7doc
+++ b/parts/7doc
@@ -447,8 +447,8 @@ for lang in $langlist ; do

 unpack developers-reference
-mvdocs developers-reference usr/share/doc/developers-reference/docs NO en
-mvhtml_sphinx developers-reference
usr/share/doc/developers-reference/docs NO en
+mvdocs developers-reference usr/share/doc/developers-reference/docs ADD en
+mvhtml_sphinx developers-reference
usr/share/doc/developers-reference/docs ADD en
 langlist=`pkg2lang developers-reference-`
 for lang in $langlist ; do
 	unpack developers-reference-$lang

I hope this fixes the issue.

About the Javascript not working, this is the same issue we face with
the debian-policy package, and discussed in
(message 25 and the following)

Now that more packages are migrating to Sphinx, I don't know if we
should revisit this topic: maybe we can try if the documentation works
with the sphinx packages from stable (but note that currently www-master
is still in Debian 9 stretch), or help the Documentation team to find a
way for the documentation packages to reduce or remove their dependency
of Javascript, or just leave the version published in the website as is
(with a note explaining that javascript won't work in www.debian.org or
something like that?).

> As you may know most of the cron code for this function were written by
> me.  It is very time consuming to fix web pages without direct shell
> access which I did previously.

I didn't know you had no access to www-master; I've sent a request to
DSA to fix that: [rt.debian.org #7995]

> I don't have time now but in order to fix this nicely, the person
> updating this part of code needs to test it locally and has direct shell
> account to check details of remaining old crafts on the www-master
> server.

I tested locally my changes but had not the old files in place, so I
didn't notice the issue, sorry.
I have also noticed that we have some redirects in the Apache config so
the inner links in the new web version of the developers reference take
the user to the old chapters.
I've sent an RT ticket to DSA to change the Apache redirections
([rt.debian.org #7994], patch CC'ed to this bug report) and when they
are in place I will login into www-master and remove the old files.

Kind regards,

Laura Arjona Reina

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