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apt Iceland mirror debian.simnet.is not working, invalid SSL cert


While apt-get update i get an SSL error with this mirror.

Opening the https://debian.simnet.is url i noticed that the problem resides in the certificate, whitch is only valid for another domain "mirrors.opensource.is".

Maybe the mirror has been compromised ?

So i changed the mirror in /etc/apt/source.list with another one. It worked well.

Than i changed back to debian.simnet.is and SSL error was vanished but the download phase of apt-get update is looping many times and neverending.

The mirror debian.simnet.is used to work normally until 2 or 3 days ago.

I have also thought that maybe it could be a MITM attack against my connection, because when i visit security.debian.org the 'bugs list' is still 10 days old, (last bug 18 feb but today it is 28 feb).

So i have two questions:

1) is debian.simnet.is not working only to me ?

2) is security.debian.org really stopped at 18 feb ?



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