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Bug#922621: Use Salsa's CI capabilities to test-build the Debian website after commits or at will

Package: www.debian.org
User: www.debian.org@packages.debian.org
Usertags: scripts
Severity: wishlist

Hi all

Automatic builds of the Debian website via Gitlab CI were setup during
September-October 2018 (see <20180914134901.GC29596@grep.be>
and <20181011191247.GA2733@grep.be>  (and the corresponding threads in
debian-www mailing list) for context).

The file README.gitlab-ci.yml on top of the webwml tree, when renamed to .gitlab-ci.yml, builds the website both for English and translations, and the result (the html files) can be browsed via artifacts.

On November 2018 Salsa (Gitlab) settings for webwml project were set to keep
artifacts 1 week (default was 4 weeks) in order to save space.
Unfortunately the builds use too much resources, affecting salsa's ability
to serve other users.

So the settings were tweaked again to disable the use of shared runners,
and this file has been renamed from .gitlab-ci.yml to README_CI.gitlab-ci.yml

So, for now, our recommendation for committers is to do "make" in the local folder prior to commit, to be sure that everything is ok. This works in most of the subfolders, but for some others the build needs particular packages or files to be present.

Another option is that translators or committers can rename the README_CI.gitlab-ci.yml file to .gitlab-ci.yml in their salsa fork, and the CI build will run (occasionally) in their Salsa account.

Opening this bug to document the current situation and see if we want to use this CI capabilities, and if yes, how can we overcome the different issues.

Kind regards,
Laura Arjona Reina

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