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Re: Guest Blogging On Your Site

Hey there, just checking in. I was wondering if you were still interested in working with me? :-)?

On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 9:39 AM Nicole Allen <nicoleallen1734@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello again, I was wondering if you received my last email?

On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 5:45 PM Nicole Allen <nicoleallen1734@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello friends at Debian,

I came across your website today and was wondering if you had an opportunity for guest blogging. I am a professional freelance writer and have written and currently write on a wide range of topics. Some of the topics I regularly cover include addiction, insurance, economics and technology just to name a few. I attempt to stay on top of the latest news to ensure that my writing is up to date and current, ensuring its validity.

If you are interested in talking about this in more detail, get back to me at any time. We can discuss topic ideas and I can have an article for you with a fast turn around. I am not looking to be paid for this!

I have a small profile with a few writing samples, hoping to build this more. Let me know if you are interested and thank you for your time!

Nicole Allen

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