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Bug#859123: automating process for publishing DLAs on the website

On Mon, Nov 19, 2018 at 07:07:26PM -0500, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
> The process broke down a while back, and reasons don't matter. We need
> to figure out how to fix this.
> So I opened #859122 to import the missing DLAs and I've made good
> progress.
> But I've opened this bug report (#859123) to fix the process. So far,
> the idea we had was to make LTS contributors submit a patch to the
> website as part of the DLA publication process. You'd run the little
> "parse-dla.pl" script which would create two files in the webwml git
> repository, separate from the security tracker! that's where the
> debian.org website lives.. Then you'd commit those and send a merge
> request to the project (or just push if you have the rights). The
> webmaster folks seemed to be open to grant us access to the repo to
> remove friction as well..
> How does that sound?
sounds very good to me. thanks for your work on this so far!

> Another thing I thought we could do would be to hook that script into a
> mailbox that would receive mail from the debian-lts-announce list and
> automatically publish the results into git. But so far my efforts at
> automating things on Debian infrastructure have mostly failed, so I'm
> not sure it's the way to go. Besides, the parse-dsa.pl script isn't
> exactly solid, and don't like the idea of parsing arbitrary input like
> this without a human oversight. But it would certainly reduce friction
> to a minimum, which I like.

I better like your above proposal than generating data from parsing mails which
we have sent previously.

So I've just requested webwml access from the debian-www folks.


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