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Bug#859122: about 500 DLAs missing from the website

On 2017-03-30 11:22:05, Antoine Beaupre wrote:
> Is there any reason why new DLAs have not been imported?
> Is there anything we can do to help in completing that import?

So after further research, I can answer my own questions.

It's unclear why the process has broken down, but it's clear that the
current webmaster team is not in a position to do that work. For DLAs,
they do not have the templates they normally use for DSA.

I looked at the parse-dsa.pl script and it looks like it might just be
possible to batch-import the missing advisories. I started looking into
that into the following MRs:


And will eventually batch-import everything in one monstrous merge

Then we need to figure out workflow, which I'll do in that other bug


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