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Re: Documenting installer issues for jessie LTS

Hello all

El 9/11/18 a las 2:50, Ben Hutchings escribió:
> I recently discovered a bug in the installer (#908711).  During
> installation with network sources enabled, security update are normally
> installed.  However, this didn't include updates that depend on a new
> binary package, due to a kernel or library ABI change.
> I fixed this bug in unstable and in a stable update that will be
> included in Debian 9.6.  However, since there are no stable updates
> during the LTS period, this bug will remain unfixed in the installer
> for jessie.
> I have updated the wiki LTS/Installing page and added post-installation 
> steps to install the missed upgrades.  However, I wonder whether it
> would be helpful and possible to update the release notes or other
> official documentation at this stage?
> Ben.

Thanks for reporting.

For the website, I have created the merge request with a proposal:


(I'm attaching the diff too).

Comments and/or improvements very welcome (CC'ing debian-boot). If there
is no activity, I plan to merge this in a week or so.

Respect to the release notes, I'm not sure if this documentation should
go there and in which section specifically (CC'ing debian-doc for help).

We have fixed our cron script for publishing the release notes against
git (thanks  Baptiste Jammet, and sorry for the delay!) and this means
that if a patch is accepted in the jessie branch of the release notes
(https://salsa.debian.org/ddp-team/release-notes/ ), it will be
published in the website too (we will build jessie release notes for the
website at least until the LTS support finishes).

Kind regards
Laura Arjona Reina

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