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Bug#720742: Confusing qualifiers for people on intro/organization ("current" *and* "member")


the organization.data explains the "<current>" tag:

# current* is only for positions necessarily transitional, such as the leader

My proposal is to add to /intro/organization.wml the following sentence, just above the list:

<p>Note: in the following list, <current> is used for positions that are
transitional (elected or appointed with a certain expiration date).</p>

Please ack or fix the English wording, I'm not very sure about it.

And then review /intro/organization.data to change everybody to "member" except:

* leader
* secretary
* technical committee

(please correct if I am wrong and we have more positions that should be "current").

Now we have as current:

* leader
* secretary
* some people in "web pages"
* some people in "hardware donations coordination"
* listmasters
* some people in "mirrors"

Kind regards
Laura Arjona Reina

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