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Тicкеt#315553801 [jsw@aaaroofingcompany.com] 28/10/2018 08:58:36 Do not regret the decision


You can visit the police station but they will not help you.I dont live in your country.It means they can not track my location even for 9 weeks.

Your system was infected by my virus.I recorded you through your webcam,at the moment you went to the porn web-page.And now we have the record of you,touching your intimate parts. 

Your contacts are copied on my disc so if you ask me to stay silent you should pay 460 dollars in bitcoin.

Use this wallet address - 12FtZ15HoennPzgdxPPRSoEAznRHzwKuAH

(something like a credit card number). I give you 24 hours after reading this message for making the payment.

All the best.Dont forget about the shame.

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