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!33 ready as far as I'm concerned


I've spent the last week or so on tuning the CI system a bit more in !33
so that CI will fail if there's an error in building the website. The
strategy I used in the end was to add small sample files that are of the
same format as the external files that are downloaded by cron on
www-master, but that are much smaller. I added another variable,
USE_SAMPLE_FILES, to the Makefiles; if that's set, the build system will
now copy the sample file to the "regular" file, and use that rather than
expecting the regular file to be there.

With that, CI will now fail if you introduce an error to the website
(but that's a good thing, obviously). You will get an email when that is
the case.

I've also added another feature: you can now specify which translations
should be built, rather than having CI autodetect which languages were
touched and only build those. For more information, see the ci/README.md
file that my merge request creates.

Finally, since this ended up installing a *lot* of packages which was
starting to take close to 10 minutes just to download and install
everything, I created a new docker image and stored it into the gitlab
docker registry for the webwml project. The Dockerfile for this is
stored under ci/docker-image/Dockerfile. However, I was thinking it
might be better to store that in a separate repository; that way, we can
create CI for that too, and adding another package to the docker image
becomes a question of committing a change to the Dockerfile and letting
gitlab CI do its thing.

(alternatively, this could be made a separate stage in CI, but that
would increase the time required to do a CI build yet again)


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