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Bug#911605: remove addresses of retired DDs from cdvendors@d.o alias

Hi again

El 24/10/18 a las 15:25, Mattia Rizzolo escribió:
On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 03:19:42PM +0200, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
I have removed atterer@debian.org from the CDVENDORS entry in www-master.debian.org
I didn't find spaillard@debian.org there, but it was present in the
WEBMASTER entry, and since it's a retired address that won't work anymore, I
have removed it from there.


FTR, these "aliases" are maintained in /srv/www.debian.org/mail/.mailfilter
in www-master.debian.org machine.

TTBOMK/AFAICT www-master (i.e. host=wolkenstein) is a restricted machine
that only people with these gids can access:
allowedGroups: d-i
allowedGroups: debvote
allowedGroups: debwww
allowedGroups: mirroradm
allowedGroups: portforwarder
allowedGroups: publicity
allowedGroups: search
allowedGroups: staticsync
allowedGroups: weblogsync
so neither me nor holger can access that file

The "FTR" was mainly to document what I've done, so I can remember more easily next time, if needed.

(besides, I find odd those
are configured in a .mailfilter file and not in the usual "alias" file;
I suppose that your alias file just point to procmail and that
.mailfilter file is actually a procmail filter which takes care of

The file contains some definitions for the different addresses that are shown (or have a webform) in www.debian.org and then some parsing of the incoming mail to drop or send to spam, or log and deliver to the correct places.

I can't imagine anything else).  Is that right that your
whole mail setup is not in any public git or something?

Probably not. I will file a separate bug about reviewing, updating and documenting the mail setup of www.debian.org-related addresses.

Kind regards

Laura Arjona Reina

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