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Re: Gitlab CI and future steps

On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 09:12:47PM +0200, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> A second improvement that could be made is to set up automatic
> deployment for the website from gitlab CI, to allow for easy review. I
> had originally set up gitlab pages, but that is too limited for what we
> need; even when only producing the English version of the website, the
> size of the output is bigger than the maximum allowed size of 100MB in
> the gitlab pages setup on salsa.
> Secondly, if we do proper deployments from salsa, then it is possible to
> let gitlab know that the deployment has happened on a particular
> location; then when you look at a commit or at a file in the gitlab
> interface, gitlab will add a link to the relevant page in either
> production or on the staging server, depending on the branch or
> repository you're looking at.

So, apparently, the artifacts can be browsed from a build tree. If you
go to a job in the gitlab interface, there is a section "Job artifacts"
in the right hand side. There, you have a "Browse" button that brings
you to an overview of all the files that were left by that job. You can
then click on any file to see it rendered in your browser.

I think this is good enough for review purposes, and that it means that
deployments are unnecessary.

Note that the artifacts are kept for a maximum of four weeks; after that
they are automatically removed. However, I think that is just fine for
review purposes.

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