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Re: Help! www.debian.org git translation *almost* done, except...

I have forwarded this mail to Christian Perrier, who can perhaps answer
these questions and to Thomas Huriaux who, in 2005, pushed and probably
wrote this file.

Best regards,

Jean-Pierre Giraud

Le 01/06/2018 à 00:11, Steve McIntyre a écrit :
> Hey folks,
> As I hope(!) you're aware, we've been working on moving the website
> from CVS to git, and updating a lot of the associated scripts to
> match. I thought we were just about done, then we've hit a
> surprise. I'm hoping that somebody here can help to explain stuff!
> The file french/international/french/desc.wml is the only wml file
> which uses perl code to track CVS versions and compare them against
> the contents of a translated_txt.db file. Checking that data file, I
> can see there are references to files which are mailing list
> descriptions, and what looks like some package descriptions for
> debian-jr. I think I can see how the code here is working, but is
> there anybody around who can please explain to us *why*:
>  * If this is useful, why does this only show up in the french
>    directory of the webwml tree? 
>  * Why are these files managed differently to all of the other files
>    in the webwml tree? If other files are written as .wml files with
>    translation-check headers, is there some reason why these couldn't
>    work the same way?
> I'm hoping/assuming there are good reasons for the differences here,
> but it's really not obvious! I don't want to wade in and break working
> stuff here, but with the move to git we need to understand (and
> update) code that's used. I might just be missing it, but I can't see
> any documentation here to describe the design...
> Thanks!

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