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Bug#845297: new test repo, with commit messages completed

Hello all

I have patched my local git-cvsimport removing the line that reads only the
first 32K of the commit message:

- substr($logmsg,32767) = "" if length($logmsg) > 32767;
+ # substr($logmsg,32767) = "" if length($logmsg) > 32767;

and run a new conversion, and checked that the commit that was previously
truncated, now has the complete log message.

I have uploaded the new conversion here:


I have added the cvs-revisions file to the repo.

If nobody beats me to it I will try tonight to run/test the scripts that Steve
created to add the commit hashes to the translation-check headers.

The conversion takes 13h approximately in my computer. We may need to setup a
timeline and freeze commits in cvs at some time...

Laura Arjona Reina

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