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Re: Mistake on https://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting

On 04/04/18 14:28, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
Hello Jonny

El 04/04/18 a las 13:40, Jonny Grant escribió:

There is a mistake "sudo" is missing


Thanks for caring about the Debian website.

Thank you for your reply Laura

We strongly recommend that you report bugs in Debian using the reportbug
program. To install and start it, simply run:

# apt-get install reportbug
$ reportbug

It's not a mistake:
The sign "#" is to show that the apt-get command has to be entered with root
privileges, and the "$" shows that the reportbug command can be entered as
normal user.
Each user can decide how to get the root privileges: using su, sudo, or whatever
they think it's best.

I think this is the difficulty debian will have "going mainstream". We're not all sysadmins. Of course I know what "#" means, but users aren't sysadmins. What I explain is just what other modern distros do, eg Ubuntu. eg

Most beginner users have no idea what "su" or "sudo" is

Based on this, would debian follow a modern approach? We're in 2018, not 2001!


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