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Web team sprint in Madrid (April 2018)?

Hi all

Alioth's shutdown is approaching and the task of migrating the website
from CVS to Git (Bug #845297) is still unfinished.


I'm planning to put more time in the git-cvs conversion, but I think I
have not the required skills for the other task (adapt the Perl scripts
so they handle git commits instead of cvs version numbers to support all
the translation workflow).

However, maybe I can make easier for other web team members to put time
and their skills on that.

Hence I'm proposing a web team sprint here in my place in Madrid.

Details, for now:

* Topic and goal: Try to finish Bug #845297 (Debian Website CVS -> Git
* Date: a weekend in April/May (I would prefer April so we have more
time for tests/deployment until Alioth shuts down in end May)
* List of participants: ??
* Location: Madrid (Spain). If we are a small group (less than 5
people), I can offer my place for work and meals (and maybe
accommodation for one/two persons). I will explore possibilities for the
case we are more. I can also help to search hotel accommodation if it's
* Estimate travel costs: we can estimate once we know participants and
where do they come from.

Please, have a look at the bug report, and if you think that you could
help to advance this task, and that the sprint could help you to
motivate/actually put time on this, please contact me here in the list
or off list with the weekend(s) that you could come.

Once I have some interested person and tentative dates I would go on
with the logistics (create wiki page, do the paperwork about the Sprint,
propose place/accommodation for attendants, etc).


Laura Arjona Reina

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