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Re: update request

Hi Eric,

On Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 04:40:09AM -0800, Eric Carrell wrote:
> Hey Breno -
> I hope everything is going well on your end :)
> My name is Eric, and I'm on the content team at Cloudwards
> <https://www.cloudwards.net/>.
> I just finished going through your article here:
> http://www.debian.org/users/com/dreamhost. Thanks for the resource!

Well, this is not my material. For this material you should contact
debian-www@lists.debian.org team. Let me CC them here.

> My colleague Fergus recently put together a pretty comprehensive piece on
> web hosting. This is designed for all levels of tech knowledge, but it's a
> really good resource for people looking for a good web host. There is a ton
> of information out there; our guide was designed to cut through the noise a
> bit.
> The posts are here: https://www.cloudwards.net/best-web-hosting/
> Would you consider linking to it in the article of yours I mentioned above?
> I saw you linked to dreamhost.com in there, so I figured I'd see if you'd
> link to mine as well. Perhaps your visitors find it helpful, but hey, it's
> up to you.
> What are your thoughts? If I don't hear from you, I'll just go ahead and
> follow up here in a few days.
> Thanks,
> - Eric
> P.S. I respect the relationship you have with your readers. I wouldn't ask
> you to link to anything that wasn't a good resource.
> Also, if you're not the right person to contact about this, just reply to
> this email and let me know, or (one-click unsubscribe)
> <http://track.analyticszilla.com/prod/unsubscribe/ad5b58b7-3668-4093-b5d3-03149809/leitao%40debian.org/c1e91041-e4f8-4401-9dfe-950ab2388da5>
> Email: eric@cloudwards.net
> Skype: eric.carrell

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