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Re: Bug#831435: www.debian.org: Link to the patch tracker broken

在 2018年1月16日星期二 CST 下午4:38:10,Rhonda D'Vine 写道:
>     Hi,
>  I currently can't deploy it but will keep it in mind for later.

That would be great.

Besides this sole problem, there are also many important (and one RC-level) 
bugs for packages.debian.org. I'm wondering if you could take a look at the 
running status of the website and investigate into them later.

>  Though:
> * Orestis Ioannou <orestis@oioannou.com> [2016-07-16 00:36:03 CEST]:
> > The URL for the patch tracker changed slightly hence the links towards
> > sources.debian.net/patches are broken.
> > I.e when you are at https://packages.debian.org/stretch/python-pip
> > the link to the Debian Patch Tracker is
> > http://sources.debian.net/patches/summary/python-pip/8.1.2-2/
> > but the correct one is
> > http://sources.debian.net/patches/python-pip/8.1.2-2/
>  If such URL schemes are changed they break not only the packages site
> but all external links pointing to it.  It is good to get the links in
> the sites linking to it corrected - but it would be also very useful to
> add a redirect that handles that; from what I can see only the /summary/
> part of the URL got removed?  That should be doable in a single redirect
> line and unbreak all the external links, not only the packages website.
>  I'm not questioning the need for the need in the change, there for sure
> is good reasons behind that, but please add defensive redirects for such
> cases. :)  Not sure if you are involved with the patch tracker, I
> dropped the note also in the #debian-qa IRC channel, from what I can
> tell the patch tracker is in the field of the QA team.

The patch tracker, as part of sources.debian.org (not sources.debian.net), is 
not handled by debian-www team. It is under QA Team so I'm CC-ing this mail to
debian-qa maillist too.

Boyuan Yang

>  Enjoy,
> Rhonda

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