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Bug#885440: wiki.debian.org: whitelist account registration for all Debian contributors

Package: wiki.debian.org
Severity: wishlist
Tags: newcomer

The Debian wiki requires account registration and requires admin
confirmation for possibly-spammy new accounts. In order to reduce
signup friction for existing contributors to other parts of Debian,
we should automatically whitelist all Debian contributors for new
account creation, similarly to how we whitelist Tor connections.

To achieve this, we need two things:

A script to automatically download a list of Debian contributor email
addresses from the relevant locations and write them here, one per line:


A modification to our internal scripts to pay attention to this file.
Once the first task has been completed, the wiki admins will do this.

Some possible locations to get Debian contributor addresses:

http://ftp.debian.org/ (Maintainer/Uploaders fields)
https://keyring.debian.org/ (OpenPGP key IDs)
https://db.debian.org/ (would require authentication)
https://contributors.debian.org/ (would require authentication)
https://alioth.debian.org/ (would require authentication)
https://salsa.debian.org/ (would require authentication)



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