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Re: Bug#876075: Anchors are non-unique in the single-HTML version


On Mon, Dec 25 2017, Russ Allbery wrote:

> I'm not sure where we landed with this, but it feels like the
> single-HTML output from Sphnix is kind of broken, and publishing that
> on the web site has caused various problems.  I'm not sure how to get
> to the multi-page version on www.debian.org, and indeed the anchors
> and table of contents in Policy are not working right now on the web
> site because of this problem.
> I feel like the single-page HTML version may have been a failed
> experiment, at least pending further work on Sphinx, and we should
> just publish the multi-page version.  What do other people think?
> (Adding debian-www for their opinion as well.)
> Not having working footnotes feels to me like kind of a showstopper.

Ah, I hadn't realised that this was an upstream bug.  I agree that it's
a showstopper.

Do you recall if we've already reported this upstream, Russ?  If not, I
would suggest we report it upstream and set ourselves a deadline; if the
bug is not fixed by that date, we abandon singlehtml on our mirrors.

Sean Whitton

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